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City council plan to improve club security

Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed legislation on Wednesday, August 23, to increase security at city bars and clubs.
The legislation, which began gaining support in the City Council after a number of recent tragedies including the deaths of John Jay College graduate student Imette St. Guillen in Manhattan and a Queens teenager killed outside of an Astoria bar earlier this summer
The law calls for increased enforcement of State Liquor Authority rules by local enforcement, and increased penalties for those clubs that do not comply with state laws.
&#8220The safest big city in the world should have the safest nightlife in the world, and this plan will help ensure that,” said City Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr., who is the chair of the Council's public safety committee.
In addition, the Council aimed to increase training for cabaret employees about the importance of club safety and the law allows the city to shut down clubs, bars and other establishments that hire security personnel but fail to ensure that each bouncer is properly licensed.
&#8220If businesses are not complying with the law, if security staff are not registered properly, we can shut down the bar or club,” Bloomberg said.
&#8220These proposals will ensure that clubs and State and local enforcement agencies are doing their jobs to keep clubs safe, and that neighborhoods like those on the West Side don't become the Wild West,” Council Speaker Christine Quinn said.

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