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Nix more parking for Bayside LIRR station

A proposal for a desperately needed expansion to the municipal parking lot next to the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Station in Bayside has been turned down by the city, determining that 20-25 spots is not worth the alleged $1.2 million price tag.
The plan called for renovating the plot of land next to the current municipal lot, which is unused and overrun with brush, and building a retaining wall and parking lot. The city claims that it would cost $250,000 dollars design the project and another $750,000 or so to build it.
However Community Board 11 Chairman Jerry Iannece contends that the city's numbers are flawed and that it would not cost anywhere near that amount to construct the parking lot.
&#8220Their numbers are distorted and out of whack,” Iannece said. &#8220I believe that the lot would cost about $400,000 with everything included. If the LIRR designs the lot, the price tag could go down to about $300,000.”
Iannece also believes that the projected 25 additional parking spots are far from the actual number that would be able to be created.
&#8220I estimate an additional 50-60 spots if we use the full plot of land,” he said. &#8220Which would bring the total to about 150.”
Iannece and the community board have continued to search out other funds to pay for the lot, which would be an asset for the community. The DOT, which already has the Muni Meters in place, would only need to reinforce the retaining wall and put down asphalt.
&#8220There are no other solutions for our parking problem,” Iannece said.
Iannece hopes that if the LIRR reinforces the retaining wall, as they are investigating all walls at their stations, the DOT will go through with the plan.
Iannece has asked the LIRR to design the venture, and is seeking funding from outside sources.
The LIRR, initially supportive of the plan, has stated in published reports that they are currently reviewing the request.
The current municipal lot is the only one in Bayside, and can only accommodate 90 cars. Iannece doesn't intend to give up anytime soon. &#8220I am not taking no for an answer.”

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