Cops in 106th make their boss proud

From chasing down and arresting an armed robbery suspect to catching a pattern burglar red-handed, the cops of the 106th Precinct in Ozone Park have made their commanding officer proud.
On Thursday, June 7, Officers Paul Laurino, 26, and Frank Howard, 46, gave chase on foot and apprehended 18-year-old Jason Terry after he allegedly attempted to car jack and rob a husband and wife in front of their home at 104th Avenue and 128th Street in South Richmond Hill.
According to Commanding Officer of the 106th Precinct Joseph Courtesis, the victims - whose identities have not been released - were getting into their car, which was parked in the driveway, when “this maniac gets into the car, points a gun, and tells them to drive.”
The wife then exited the car and pretended to faint; her husband rushed to her side. The suspect got out and, infuriated, and hit the husband in the head with the gun.
Terry then demanded money from the victim, who threw it defiantly onto the driveway.
Neighbors, realizing what was happening, called 9-1-1. Responding officers Laurino and Howard gave chase for approximately two blocks before the suspect ran into a backyard, where they lost sight of him.
They quickly set up a perimeter around the yard - meaning that other officers were called to the scene to keep the suspect from fleeing. Upon further investigation, the officers discovered a shed that was locked from the inside.
Suspecting that Terry had locked himself inside, the cops managed to gain access and found him hiding under a flipped over “kiddie pool.”
Once apprehended, he was positively identified by his victims. The officers also recovered the .357 revolver he allegedly used during the robbery attempt.
Terry, who has a prior juvenile record, now faces charges of robbery in the first degree and criminal possession of a weapon.
“The victims were very happy, albeit very scared,” said Courtesis. “This guy is a real bottom feeder, and we got him. The whole point of what we’re doing is trying to get these people [off the streets].”
Of the arresting officers, Courtesis told The Courier Sun, “For them to be so alert and get the guy [was exceptional]. The perimeter was textbook. They did a fantastic job.”
In an unrelated incident, Courtesis also told The Courier Sun about the apprehension of a pattern burglar on Tuesday, June 12.
The suspect, who has not yet been named, has 12 prior arrests - eight of which were burglaries.
According to Courtesis, two officers caught the suspect red-handed, with a cash register taken from a store in his hands.

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