Investigate Gallagher in sexual attack

Despite allegations - but no charges - of having raped a woman, many of City Councilmember Dennis Gallagher’s staunchest supporters do not believe the claim.
“I’m very skeptical, I don’t think she [the unidentified victim] is telling the truth,” said Bob Sarracco, 55, of Middle Village. “It sounds to me like she’s just somebody who’s trying to cash in on a lawsuit. There’s never been any type of allegation like this against him before.”
Gallagher, 43, a married father of two, is alleged to have met the accuser at a local bar, Danny Boy’s, on Sunday, July 8, and then bringing her back to his Middle Village office, where she claims he sexually assaulted her.
A man who answered the phone at Danny Boy’s on Wednesday, July 11 denied knowing any information and repudiated ever having seen Gallagher in the establishment.
The victim reported the alleged attack to police at the 104th Precinct. Her case was then referred to the Queens special victims unit, and District Attorney Richard A. Brown’s office was called in.
Police executed a search warrant for “blood and women’s articles” at the politician’s office, located at 78-25 Metropolitan Avenue, on Monday, July 9, according to reports.
Neither the DA nor the police will comment, as the investigation is ongoing.
Steven Mahler, Gallagher’s attorney, told The Queens Courier, that, following the accusations, the Councilmember was “doing his duties and pursuing his normal routine.”
“He is upset by all this adverse publicity and I’m sure he will be vindicated,” Mahler continued.
Calling reports of the attack “rumors,” he went on to say, “I don’t know where these claims come from.”
City Councilmember Joseph Addabbo, who represents Howard Beach, said the he could not comment on his colleague’s situation. “It’s an ongoing investigation,” he said. “There are so many rumors I would not comment.”
Of reports that Gallagher’s marriage had been stormy, Addabbo said, “There was never any indication of marital problems.”
However, in sharp contrast to Gallagher’s seemingly squeaky-clean career, Robert Holden, President of the Juniper Park Civic Association, told The Queens Courier, “I’m not surprised that this happened. There has been a pattern of irrational and questionable behavior since 2005.”
Holden continued, “There was advance notice to New York City authorities on Gallagher’s possibly illegal behavior. They were notified at least eight months ago.”
Although Gallagher’s office refused to speak to the media, reports say that he has agreed to provide a DNA sample.
The case is set to go before a grand jury, which may be empanelled as early as next week.
A source told The Queens Courier that if, in fact, Gallagher does go before a grand jury, “It means they [the authorities] have enough evidence.”
Gallagher, one of only three Republican politicians in Queens, was formerly an investigator for the State Crime Victims Board.

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