Group brings together buddies, business

The Bayside-based TRIAAD organization has brought together ambitious business individuals to create a group that provides support and encouragement to one another as they improve themselves and their companies.
Founding member Nicholai Khan had the idea one day of gathering friends with whom he had grown up to “bounce some ideas off one another to see if we can improve ourselves.” TRIAAD, which stands for technology, research, imagination, art, advertising and design, was started on December 23, 2006, and has been meeting once a week since.
“To ensure the prosperous long-term growth and development of your business model, TRIAAD Group has strategically assembled a team of likeminded individuals with very different and specific talents to gain a full perspective on how to successfully build you and your company,” the organization’s website states. “TRIAAD Group helps increase productivity, boost morale, and educate the public about your business by inducing knowledge of your corporation and its ability, thus increasing your company’s net worth.”
Khan, an artist, explained that the members, whom be described as a “dream team,” provide one another with advice and support. He said that the members are hardworking individuals and that each person brings something different to the group.
“It’s all about a very strong community of friends promoting each other and helping each other get to the next level,” he said. “It’s less about self and more about the individuals who are trying to do something. If someone is trying to do something we will stop at nothing to help them get where they need to go.”
The principals of TRIAAD are “passion, play to win and win big, maintain a positive (and practical) frame of mind, optimism, pragmatism/practicality, strive for constant improvement, keep smiling and become a beacon: stand out and shine.”
Since joining TRIAAD, which follows the philosophy “making dreams come true is our business,” Khan said the members have had significant improvements. He said they are more self-sufficient, more connected with one another and also are better able to handle situations with grace and humility.
“It’s benefited us tremendously,” Khan said.
Khan said that TRIAAD is open to new members. He said that they are looking for people who are ambitious, will strive to better themselves, and want to follow their dreams.
For more information on TRIAAD, visit www.triaad.com.

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