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N Train ‘C’ould be better, W ‘D’ismal: MTA riders

By Philip Newman

N subway patrons gave the line an overall grade of C minus and a grade of D to “adequate room on board at rush hour.” N line riders accorded their highest grade of B-minus for “Availability of MetroCard Vending Machines.” N Line riders listed their top priorities as “Minimal Waits During Trips,” and “adequate room on board at rush hours.” The N line starts in Astoria and heads south through Long Island City. The train turns east under the East River to Manhattan and south along Broadway to Canal Street in Lower Manhattan, where it runs to Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge. In Brooklyn it travels south on Fourth Avenue and along the Sea Beach Line to Coney Island/Stillwell Avenue. Riders of the N line turned in 6,384 report cards, including 3,994 by mail and 2,390 by e-mail. Those riding the W train gave their line an overall grade of D-plus but gave the lowest grades of D to “station announcements that are easy to hear.” Their highest grade of B-minus was for “Availability of MetroCard Vending Machines.” The top three priorities for improvements for riders on the W were “Reasonable Waiting Times for Trains,” “Minimal Delays During Trips” and “Adequate Room On Board at Rush Hour.” W line patrons turned in 1,174 cards, including 562 by mail and 612 by the Internet. The W subway line begins in Astoria, runs through Long Island City and into Manhattan to Whitehall Street/South Ferry at Manhattan's southern tip. The reports from riders of the N, W, No. 6, No.1, Q lines and the Franklin Avenue Shuttle completed the report cards of all 22 lines conducted over the past few months by the Transit Authority.

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