Name your kid ‘Brooklyn’, get pizza

By Michèle De Meglio

There’s Brooklyn cheesecake, Brooklyn brownstones and now…Brooklyn-style babies. Expectant mothers who name their babies after the borough will be in for a real treat – a real cheesy treat that is. Domino’s will throw a pizza party for every family that names their child born on February 29, 2008, Brooklyn. The family of the first child named Brooklyn will also receive $1,000 in gift certificates for Domino’s pizza. Why all the fuss about Brooklyn? Domino’s says Leap Year babies deserve notoriety for being extra special – and the attention coincides with the launch of the BRKLYN, the company’s latest Brooklyn-style pizza. “Leap Year babies beat the odds by being born on February 29, a day that rolls around only once every four years,” said Jenny Fouracre, Domino’s spokesperson. “We think they are very special and deserve a memorable birthday with a good story about how they were named.” Brooklyn may seem like a kooky name for a baby but it’s gaining in popularity. Even international soccer phenom David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, named one of their boys after the borough – reportedly because Victoria was in town when she learned she was expecting. If you want to join the Brooklyn brood, here’s what you have to do – First, obviously, if you have a baby on February 29, name the newborn Brooklyn. Then, contact Chantele Telegadas at 734-930-3451 or via email at chantele.telegadas@dominos.com. Be prepared to present a copy of the baby’s birth certificate stating the child’s name, time of birth, and the birth date as February 29, 2008. The $1,000 in gift certificates will be awarded to the family of the baby with the earliest time of the birth. And don’t worry. For those looking to add their own spin to things, all forms of the spelling Brooklyn will be accepted.

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