Lawn litter law needed by Queens residents

C. Peter Goslett Flushing

I am writing in response to your Aug. 7 editorial “Litter Law Lunacy.” Seldom have I seen an editorial so out of touch with Queens' and the city's feelings and needs.

My neighbors and I are so happy that this bill was passed and the city Sanitation Department has been given the necessary enforcement tools to make it a reality. If I want a circular from a particular merchant or menu from a specific restaurant, I will go there and get it in person.

The need for this law is most apparent when people go on vacation or out of town on business and return to discover that a burglar has entered their dwelling after discovering that they were away because of the accumulation of circulars.

One may request the post office to suspend mail delivery, but it is not possible to have ad-tossers suspend delivery.

Also, we have delicate flowers. The people who deliver the circulars do not care where they toss them. We have had a large number of flowers crushed by these inattentive, non-caring people.

Thank you, City Council, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty for the law.

C. Peter Goslett


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