Video game design workshop

Hofstra Summer Camps will host a special Video Game Design workshop for students in grades 2-12 during spring break, April 13-17, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
The workshop offers a fun, weeklong sampler of Video Game Development – including 3D computer modeling and animation, and music and sound design – taking place in Hofstra’s state-of-the-art computer lab facilities.
Students will learn how to build their very own video games from scratch, or enhance games previously created in Game Maker. Students use Game Maker software to learn fundamental game design techniques and add features such as movement, collision detection, basic Artificial Intelligence, scoring, health meters, pickups and powerups, multiple levels, and much more.
They will also learn 3D modeling and animation, using programs similar to industry professionals to create 3-dimensional characters, backgrounds and objects. The 3D artwork is then incorporated into their video games. In the music and sound design portion of the course, students create their own music compositions and sound effects to add to their video games. Using intuitive audio software, students learn how to compose music with digital instruments, as well as digitally alter their own voices to create countless character expressions.
The result is a real PC game on a CD that students can share with family and friends. The program is presented in partnership with Game Builders Academy.
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The program fee is $499 and includes lunch and a recreation period. To register or for more information, visit www.hofstra.edu/camp or call 516-463-CAMP.

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