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A Message From the Board President

Several important items were discussed at our September open Board meeting. The Board decided to continue generating our own energy. The announcement that we will be purchasing our own generators was met with near unanimous approval by our residents. The Board also appointed a joint committee of members of the Finance Committee and Capital Improvement Committee to decide on the number of generators we need, the process to be used to remove the old machinery and to develop the timelines for our cash flow needs. Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s representative contacted the Capital Improvement Committee to inform them of the possible availability of grants for the purchase of our new generators.
            Phyllis Goldstein, Chairperson of the Screening Committee, reported that, as of September, we were ahead of last year’s apartment sales. With a third of the year left to go, she was optimistic about sales and the recent rise in rentals. She noted that we have taken more than 80 apartments off the market and that bodes well for future sales and prices.
            Mort Gitter reported that we are in excellent financial condition thanks to recent successful certiorari negotiations with the city that lowered the assessed valuations and thus our taxes. Interest on our investments, as most of us realize, will not reach our projected goals. Finally, he and Marty Mitchell will have a Country Club budget to recommend to the Board of Directors in October.
            Marty Mitchell, Chairman of the Country Club Committee, listed several sub-committees that he has set up to study the pool, tennis, golf and the long-range plans for the V.I.P. Room’s décor. He also distributed a questionnaire for residents’ suggestions to improve the Country Club. This will also be available at the Country Club desk.
            Murray Lewinter reviewed the political candidates who have visited the Towers and said the mayor will be returning again. Since there will be a run-off election for two elected positions, the candidates will visit shortly.
            Marvin Rosenberg reported that we have almost completed our negotiations with security firms. The Time Warner negotiations are on-going but we are awaiting specific data from Verizon. He also mentioned that the Courier is now being distributed in various Nassau County locations.
            Claire Levitan mentioned the many projects that her committee has undertaken. They have worked to upgrade the arcade chairs and explored paving material for the park area adjacent to the parking lot.
            Herb Cooper informed the community that work on ramp two is almost completed and bids have been accepted and reviewed for the west gate project. Paving should begin in October in order to avoid the winter weather. He also described the fire control panels that are now installed and will enable staff and fire personnel to immediately locate the source of fire in our buildings.
            The meeting was then opened for questions from owners.

Bob Ricken

President, Board of Directors

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