Still time to enter scholarship competition

MetroPCS Communications and Sports New York (SNY) are collaborating to award $70,000 worth of scholarships to area high school students who will be continuing their educations.

The MetroPCS Leaders and Scholars Program is being held in connection with the SNY Invitational, which is presented by MetroPCS. The schools participating in the January 29 tournament are Long Island Lutheran High School, Benjamin Cardozo High School, Rice High School and Boys and Girls High School.

“We’re honored to have MetroPCS as the SNY Invitational’s new presenting sponsor. This is a unique example of businesses coming together for the sole purpose of giving back to the community by creating great opportunities for our local schools and students,” said SNY president Steve Raab. “As the SNY Invitational grows, so does the opportunity for us to have an even greater impact on the community.”

The scholarships are open to students in 10th, 11th and 12th grade who have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0) or higher. Recipients will be chosen based on their academic performance, leadership potential, community service, activities, work experience, a statement of their career and educational goals, unusual personal or family circumstance and an essay.

Each scholarship awarded will be for $2,500.

Four students from each of the schools participating in the SNY Invitation will be selected as recipients. In addition, four more scholarships will be given to students who attend high schools in New York City.

Applications, along with a grades transcript, are due by Tuesday, December 15. They can be mailed to MetroPCS Leaders and Scholars Program, Scholarship Management Services, One Scholarship Way, Saint Peter, MN 56082.

For more information on the scholarships and eligibility requirements, visit www.snyinvitational.com.

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