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How to handle delays

With the closure of the main runway at John F. Kennedy Airport, travelers can expect a large number of delays, not only in New York, but across the nation.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, JFK already ranked 28 out of 31 major airports in flight delays.

Jill Rosenberg, American Automobile Association (AAA) travel manager, doesn’t expect the additional wait time to be too unmanageable though, “Fortunately, the runway shutdown happens between March and June, traditionally the lightest travel period at JFK and when weather conditions are usually more favorable for air traffic.”

People who are planning to travel these next few months can take various precautions to ensure that they are not forced to wait for a prolonged period of time at an airport.

AAA advises travelers to book their flights out of alternate airports, or schedule flights that depart or land during off hours, either early morning or late night. Travelers should also call ahead to check on their flight schedule before leaving for the airport.

For better convenience, travelers could check and see if their airline offers a system that can email that information directly to their computer or mobile device.

– Despina Kouvaros


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