Local artist shares talents with others

Bayside artist Nicholai Khan is trying to spread his passion for art to others, including local children.

Khan, who began drawing when he was two years old, first revealed his art skills to the public just four years ago. Wishing to live a quiet life originally, Khan kept his paintings to himself. After years, however, he started to show his drawings to the public.

“I realized that when people complimented me more and more, I was more determined to work on my drawings,” Khan said.

Khan’s success did not occur over night. Day and night, he worked on his pieces, from drawings to sculptures. His parents supported him in pursuing his passion.

“My parents always made sure that I had a pen and paper in my hand,” said Khan. “They’re the ones that put me in this position today.”

Though he dedicates most of his time to art, Khan is also active in the

community. At the Queens Borough Public Library, he conducts an art program called “The Second Chance,” which was created by District Attorney Gail Giordano.

Khan, whose book Nicho the Tiger symbolizes one’s power to chase dreams and overcome obstacles, recently visited P.S. 69 in Jackson Heights to give the children an art lesson. Using his favorite mascots like Avatar, Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob, Khan instructed the five to 7-year-old students in drawing the characters.

Not only does Kahn help students in Queens, but he also visits his native country, Trinidad; there, he donates numerous books to the Curepe Educational Center.

Khan has traveled to Egypt, India, Asia and, most recently, Japan. Throughout his travels, Khan wishes to inspire those who want to chase an art career.

“Many people are oblivious to how art impacts our daily lives,” Khan said.

For more information about Kahn and his work, visit www.nicholaikhan.com.


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