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Carpio sextuplets need six-seat stroller

Calling the Carpio family active would not do it justice.

At 21-months-old, there are six pairs of crying eyes, six smiling lips, and 12 little hands touching and exploring anything within reach. They break things, and hide things. Taking care of one toddler can be hectic, but a set of sextuplets about to turn two years old under the same roof adds a new level of excitement to the mix.

For Digna Carpio, 32, and her husband Victor Carpio, 35, six sets of little feet running up and down their home in Whitestone, leaves little time to relax.

“One of the therapists came one day and couldn’t find one of her shoes,” said Victor with a smile. “We looked everywhere for it, and it wasn’t until two weeks later, when attempting to bake something, that Digna found it in the oven.”

As they approach their second birthday on October 6, each day the sextuplets – four boys and two girls – appear healthier and bigger, which also means that they are outgrowing their three-seat strollers. Each time they leave their residence, it is a reminder to the family of how much harder it is to take them to the park or on a stroll around the neighborhood.

“They are growing and exploring and being out of the house gives them the opportunity to observe a world beyond four walls,” Digna said. “I want them to continue to expand their minds.”

Digna usually needs a companion to leave the house with the sextuplets, because she has two strollers that only seat three each. As the months pass, the strollers continue to deteriorate and, though designed for three, Digna said it doesn’t easily hold three toddlers at 30 pounds each.

“It’s hard to push because the wheels no longer work like they use to,” said Digna, who stays home with the children while her husband works. “As the babies grow, it’s almost impossible to push so much weight and the wheels gets stuck”

The “Bye Bye Buggy” is often used in daycare centers to transport toddlers from their facilities to outdoor activities. Its bright red color is distinguishable from a distance and it allows one person to effortlessly push up to six toddlers. It’s designed to carry toddlers up to three years of age, and the weight is evenly distributed making easier to push around with little strain. But the family cannot afford to pay the $900 dollars to get the six-seat stroller.

“They are wonderful family and are very grateful for each day with the children,” said Peppy, 52, who volunteers to take care of the Carpio’s children every other day, and partakes in family activities. “They are coping beautifully with the stress and responsibilities, but they just need all hope and support they can get. A new stroller will make Digna and the kids’ life easier.”

If you would like to help the Carpio sextuplets, you can send your donations to The Queens Courier office at 38-15 Bell Boulevard, Bayside, NY 11361 or call 718-224-5863, Ext. 208.

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