Fake guns are no joke on Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, children and adults may want to accessorize their costumes. But one accessory that should be avoided this year is a toy gun.
It has been a violation of federal law to make or sell realistic looking guns since 1988.
This year there are even tougher laws against toy guns. Fines for selling illegal toy guns will cost business owners $1,000 per violation, according to nyc.gov, which informed the public of the laws that are being more strictly enforced this year
The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is urging parents and store vendors to refrain from selling or purchasing toy guns, because they are illegal.
The DCA, which says it’s easy to confuse a toy gun with a real gun, is strictly enforcing Consumer Protection Law to ensure businesses and consumers are safe this year.
“Halloween is for trick or treating – don’t spoil the fun with a costume that has an illegal, imitation gun,” said John Feinblatt, the mayor’s Chief Policy Advisor. “Stores should know better than to sell illegal imitation guns; those that do will be fined by the Department of Consumer Affairs.”
Most recently, on March 10, a 22-year-old man from Brooklyn fell victim to the dangers of flashing a toy gun.
He was allegedly shot and killed by officers outside P.S. 194 when he pulled out the fake gun.
“Fake guns that look real aren’t toys; they’re actually so dangerous that selling them is illegal,” said Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jonathan Mintz. “The department is doing its part, and our inspectors have removed thousands of fake guns from shelves and so far we have levied close to $2 million in fines; and we urge parents to do their part by protecting their kids from these seemingly harmless costume items.”
To report a store or vendor selling fake guns that look real, call 3-1-1 or visit nyc.gov/consumers.

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