Bring Walmart to the Shops at Atlas Park

I think Walmart should come to Atlas Park. Walmart appeals to different kinds of people, whether they are rich or working-class. It would be an asset to the surrounding communities of Atlas Park.

Walmart offers a wide range of products at reasonable prices. We are all looking for bargains in this economy.

Also, it would offer jobs to people in the community. People would be able to work in their own community. A cashier at Kmart on Metropolitan Avenue told me to let her know that if Walmart opens, she would apply for a job there. Walmart pays its workers more than Kmart does, according to this cashier.

There is also a lack of affordable supermarkets in this area. Walmart sells all kinds of food at reasonable prices. Many people are looking for that here.

It is also convenient to get to by bus, especially since the Q29, Q45 and Q54 now stop at or near Atlas Park.

Also, this a well-populated area. The store would never be crying for shoppers. A lot of people like to shop nearby, especially if the prices are right.

I know I live in Maspeth and I would walk out there more often if Walmart opened there. It has a lot of bargains. I shop on its website a lot so a store opening up will save me postage.

I hope the local politicians will try to lure Walmart to Atlas Park. It will help the community a great deal, especially in this economy. Please consider this.

Charlene L. Stubbs


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