Top quality children’s care in Bay Terrace

PM Pediatrics’ new Bayside location will now offer Queens children an experience like no other, as they can receive after-hours urgent care in a fun setting.

“We think we are the right place with the right people and right equipment to treat these kids in a nicer environment for less cost,” said founder and Bayside native Dr. Jeffrey Schor. “We had an idea of doing something as simple as trying to keep kids in a comfortable environment.”

Located at 210-31 26th Avenue in The Bay Terrace shopping center and spearheaded by director Dr. Maritza Arzuaga-Del Toro, the Bayside practice is the first New York City location for PM Pediatrics, with other urgent care centers located in Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties.

Each site is fully equipped to provide care and treatment for a plethora of illnesses including asthma, fever, sprains, fractures, wounds requiring stitches; and additionally refers patients who need further treatment to plastic surgeons or orthopedists. Furthermore, PM Pediatrics has close relationships with hospital emergency rooms and thus can hasten care during rare instances in which a child needs further treatment in the ER.

Schor, along with Steven Katz, founded PM Pediatrics in 2005 on the belief that there was a better way to deliver urgent care to children. Schor said the inspiration for PM Pediatrics began when he noticed something at the pediatric center he used to run at New York Hospital Queens.

“You’ve heard tons of stuff about how emergency rooms are overcrowded and unfriendly, especially for kids,” he said. “So they’re coming here for a reason – their pediatrician is closed or because it’s something a pediatrician can’t handle like a broken bone or stitches.” Schor added that community involvement plays a huge role in the success of PM Pediatrics, noting that next month the care unit will see its 200,000th patient.

Each PM Pediatric site is decorated with a theme and all feature play areas with video games, books, toys, games and televisions in every examination room. The Bayside practice is the home of a jungle theme, while Nassau County is a seaside haven and Westchester County honors medieval times. Schor said this complements his vision of creating a fun environment where children can receive care, yet still feel comfortable at the same time.

The walk-in practice is open to newborns and adults up to age 21. PM Pediatrics accepts most insurance and is open every day of the year from 5 p.m. to midnight on weekdays and from noon to midnight on weekends and holidays. For more information, visit pmpediatrics.com or call 516-677-5437. – Alexa Mae Asperin


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