Seek bordello biz card ban

State Senator Jose Peralta announced the introduction of a bill to ban prostitution business cards being distributed along Roosevelt Avenue in Queens.
Peralta has launched a campaign to end the circulation of the business cards of pimps and prostitutes being operated in more than 40 blocks on Roosevelt Avenue and adjacent streets.
“To win this war, we need a level of commitment from city and state government, as strong and as determined as what we saw invested in the rejuvenation of Times Square,” Peralta noted.
According to the office of Peralta, the cards have featured pictures of naked and minimally clad women, have littered sidewalks, and shown in full view of young children while they have walked to and from school.
During a press conference held on Sunday, March 27 at P.S. 19 located at 98-02 Roosevelt Avenue in Corona, Peralta was joined by elected officials, parents, and other community advocacy groups in the fight to rid the streets of the lewd ads.
“We need to declare war and launch an all-out offensive against the bad guys and the quality of life issues that have infected Roosevelt Avenue for decades,” said Peralta. “It represents just one of many battles that need to be fought to claim Roosevelt Avenue for local families, residents and legitimate businesses.”
Known locally as the “chicas, chicas” cards, the erotic business cards are being placed in the hands of a distracted passerby, who discards them immediately – only to end up on the sidewalks.
“We need to crack down on the distribution of these advertisement cards and keep them out of the hands of our young children,” said Councilmember Julissa Ferreras. “We as a community cannot let this continue, because it can easily be your young daughter or sister who is being subjected to something that is stealing their innocence and youth.”
In alliance to Peralta’s campaign, a similar bill will be introduced by Assemblymember Francisco Moya.
“As a community, we have to work together to keep our streets clear of pornography peddlers who distribute vulgar prostitution cards at all hours of the day,” said Moya. “The cards blatantly promote activities that are illegal and often linked to major prostitution rings that participate in the sex trade and human trafficking – and end up in the hands of our children.”
“We need to crackdown on the exploitation and continued sex trafficking of women, some as young as 14,” indicated Ferreras.
“This practice must stop,” said Assemblymember Michael DenDekker. “It has a negative impact on children, visitors, and our small business community.”

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