Three Jamaica men drove stolen car: Brown

HILLSIDE — Three Jamaica men were arraigned last week on charges of criminal possession of stolen property and attempted grand larceny after they were seen with an allegedly stolen car while driving in Hillside, the Queens district attorney’s office said. One of the men was also charged with assault and resisting arrest after he allegedly attacked an officer, the DA said.

On April 6, police in the 103rd Precinct pulled over a 1997 Nissan, which appeared to be a car reported as stolen in Nassau County earlier in the month, the DA said. Those in the car included Donald Gunther, 18, of 156th Street near 109th Avenue; Ronald Wilkerson, 17, of 159th Street; and Tysean Spann, 17, of 160th Street near 108th Avenue, the DA said.

When the officer approached the car, the men fled, the DA said. When one officer tried to take Gunther into custody, Gunther allegedly flailed his arms and threw himself at the officer, causing the officer to fall to the ground and giving him a head concussion that needed medical treatment, the DA said.

A search of the car revealed five stolen credit cards and four GPS systems, the DA said. The steering wheel of the Nissan also appeared to have been popped out, the DA said.

Video surveillance at a Marshall’s clothing store in Queens allegedly revealed Wilkerson, accompanied by Spann, had attempted to buy clothing with one of the stolen cards, the DA said.

Gunther has been held on bail of $20,000 and Wilkerson and Spann have been held on bail of $10,000 each, the DA said.