Valentine’s Day Love Stories: Ellie Greenberg and Abraham Feldman

Ellie Greenberg and Abraham Feldman (1)w

With Valentine’s Day upon us, The Queens Courier asked local couples what made them fall – and stay – in love.

Ellie Greenberg and Abraham Feldman

Q: How long have you been together?

A: Twelve years

Q: How did you meet?

EG: At the center. I gave him a card with name and number on it and it took him a couple of weeks to call. He was shy.

Q: Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?

EG: Well I’m going to be away, I’m going to be in Florida. In the past we’ve had very nice dinners and he brought candy.

Q: What are some activities you do together as a couple?

EG: I like to go to Atlantic City and go on lots of different trips. We’ve been on seven cruises and also been to Vegas.

Q: What qualities or traits do you like about your partner?

AF: It’s really funny, our daughters knew each other in high school and my daughter told me, “Grab that lady and don’t let go.” It’s been a very pleasant 12 years and I would do it again.

EG: He’s a good person and can be a little annoying but on a whole he’s a good person. Hopefully it’ll be another 12 years or however long it lasts.


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