Valentine’s Day Love Stories: Louis Mascaro and Rosemary Stanton

Louis Mascaro and Rosemary Stanton (1)w

With Valentine’s Day upon us, The Queens Courier asked local couples what made them fall – and stay – in love.

Louis Mascaro and Rosemary Stanton

Q: How long have you been together?

A: Seven years

Q: How did you meet?

LM: I was sitting in some corner feeling sorry for myself and she came and said “hi” and that was that.

RS: He was a friend when I needed a friend.

Q:What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

LM: Probably get some flowers and chocolate. Have a nice dinner of shrimp cocktails and lobster.

Q:What are some activities you do together as a couple?

RS: Just about everything. We go on trips together, do yoga and watch movies.

Q: What qualities or traits do you like about your partner?

RS: He’s a good baker, he’s kind and considerate

LM: She’s a nice, kind, feeling lady.

Q: Any memorable moment in the relationship?

RM: Just being together.


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