Driver tried to avoid getting ticket: Cops

FLUSHING — The owner of a 2003 Cadillac Escalade ended up in handcuffs last month after his unconventional way of contesting a parking ticket went sour, according to a criminal complaint from the Queens district attorney.

On March 20 at about 2:40 p.m., an NYPD traffic officer began writing a ticket to the large SUV double-parked at 134-14 Franklin Ave., the complaint said.

Jose Vazquez, the owner of the vehicle, ran out of the building before the officer could finish and said, according to the complaint, “You don’t belong on this street. Leave my car alone.”

When the officer finished writing the ticket, slapped it on the hulking auto and began to drive away, Vazquez leaped in front of the cruiser and said, “You’re not supposed to do this. I’m taking a picture of you,” the complaint said.

Vazquez pulled out his cell phone and snapped a picture of the cop, according to the DA. He was subsequently slapped with handcuffs and charged with criminal contempt and issued a restraining order against the officer, the complaint said.

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