Haven’t Paid Parking Tix? You Might Get the Boot

City Pgm. Targets Delinquent Drivers

Starting Monday, July 30, the city began placing boots on vehicles in Queens whose owners owe over $350 in traffic tickets, according to the Department of Finance.

The boots will be placed on parked cars whose drivers have been found to have tickets “in judgment,” meaning that they have let 100 days elapse since receiving a violation for parking, running a red light or driving in the bus lane without having the ticket paid or contested in court.

Residents who find that their cars have boots on them will also find notices on their windshield with a tollfree number.

The driver can call the number and pay the outstanding charges, as well as additional fees totaling $250 and a “poundage fee” totaling five percent of the outstanding charges, over the phone.

In return, they will receive a code that can be used to unlock the boot.

The boot must then be taken to one of three return locations in Queens-102-26 Atlantic Ave. in Woodhaven; 99-25 Horace Harding Expwy. in Corona; and 160-39 Rockaway Blvd. in Springfield Gardens- within 24 hours or incur late fees.

Residents can also visit the Williamsburg Service Center at 713 Kent Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Residents who wish to contest their tickets can still do so if the ticket is less than one year old.

The booting program began in Brooklyn on June 25 and is being expanded to Queens as part of its citywide implementation.

Call 311 for more information.