Recording studio showcases talent

I, Revere band members with Mor – Mor is on the right.
Photo by Nathan West

Ears and Gears Studio in Astoria is a new hotbed for rock musicians and fans across New York City. Over the summer, the studio’s doors were open to the public for a live performance series that kicked off on June 30.

Devyn Rush, a contestant on “American Idol” Season 10, performed on opening night —a night that was full of excitement for Ears and Gears founder Mor Mezrich.

Mezrich, 32, founded the studio in early 2010 after moving to Queens the year before. Originally from Israel, Mezrich graduated from Boston’s Berklee College of Music in 2006, majoring in music production and engineering. After a few years of working in Los Angeles, Mezrich moved to New York and worked for Manhattans’ Avatar Studios. While there, he took a few months to brainstorm and finally decided it was time to start a studio of his own.

“I was very inspired by the musicians and the groups that I knew,” said Mezrich. “I felt like it was the time to do my own thing.”

Since opening, Mezrich has made it his goal to keep Ears and Gears a high quality studio that is economically feasible for his musicians.

“There’s a lot of great talent in New York City,” he said. “I just make sure that I make myself affordable to them.”

In an attempt to showcase local talent, Mezrich created the “Live at Ears and Gears” series this summer. Featured artists have been scheduled to perform once a month at the studio for an audience. Mezrich’s crew photographs and videotapes the artists while also recording the live performance.

Pauline Pisano, 29, performed at Ears and Gears on July 28 with her band, “I, Revere.” Pisano met Mezrich about two years ago, when both were working with a band called “Walking For Pennies.”
“It really helped us,” said Pisano. “We now have videos and live recordings of our songs.”
Bands such as I, Revere have really appreciated the opportunity to showcase their talent at Ears and Gears. The nights have been an enjoyment to all in attendance, as Pisano recalls the party-like atmosphere.

“Mor is really smart by capitalizing on this aspect,” said Pisano. “[He’s] making these house parties where you can listen to artists or get introduced to new artists.”

The emergence of the Ears and Gears Studio is running parallel with the widespread of talent occurring in Queens, and especially in Astoria, according to Pisano.

“Astoria has a huge budding rock scene,” she said. “It’s really good for any musician in the city.”
Mezrich can only hope that the buzz keeps buzzing, and that the good times keep rolling.
“It’s a lot of fun,” said Mezrich. “It’s a great way to celebrate the Astoria music scene that’s really thriving.”

I, Revere will be releasing “The Lure of a New Harbor” EP later this year at the Ears and Gears Studio. The next live performance will take place on August 25, featuring country crossover artist Kerri Leigh. All events are RSVP only.