The blame game

The NYPD says politicians need to do more, the politicians say it’s out of their hands.

Bottom line — gun violence is escalating, leaving in its wake a trail of blood, tears and shattered lives.

Councilmember James Sanders has taken District Attorney Richard A. Brown to task, citing the lack of gun buyback programs in Queens over the course of the last three years.

But we wonder why Sanders, who represents the area where three men were killed and another critically injured in an AK-47 shooting, has not hosted his own gun buyback.

There is no reason he couldn’t organize one in his district, or even encourage residents to turn in their firearms to their local police precinct and receive $100 – no questions asked.

Sanders does have discretionary funding, after all.

What really needs to happen, though, is cooperation.

The NYPD cannot do it alone.

So instead of levying blame, the politicians should be fighting FOR the cops, not AGAINST them.

Bottom line — something needs to be done — NOW — to get guns off the streets and end the bloodshed.

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