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Water Insurance Plan Eyed by Foca

R’Wood Civic Group Seeks Answers

A insurance program for local homeowners created many questions for members of the Farmers Oval Civic Association (FOCA) at its Thursday, Jan. 31 meeting at the Ridgewood Baptist Church.

FOCA Secretary Alice Kokasch noted that she received a notice in the mail from the city Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) discussing a water/sewer line protection program.

The agency announced on Jan. 10 that it was teaming up with American Water Resources to offer what is essentially an insurance program for residential sewer lines and water mains.

According to information on the DEP website, “the service line protection programs provide unlimited protection for covered repairs from normal wear and tear and basic restoration of affected property. They will also provide for an unlimited number of claims, 24/7 customer service, and quick response time by NYC-Licensed Master Plumbers who are pre-qualified to perform needed repairs.”

One resident, however, claimed that the service may not cover the cost of repairing city sidewalks and streets after the sewer work has been completed.

Kokasch suggested that a DEP representative visit a future FOCA meeting to explain the program.

An American Water Resources spokesperson told the Times Newsweekly that the program does cover the cost of repair to all public roadways and residents’ sidewalks, as well as “basic restoration” to private property after a water or sewer line is repaired.

Other news

One resident stated that was going to push for a No-Standing sign at 65nd Street near the corner of 68th Avenue, to better facilitate turning the corner.

Cathleen Bossio, representing Assemblyman Mike Miller, announced that his office is holding a Valentine’s Day drive to benefit the St. Albans VA Hospital.

Donations can be delivered to Miller’s office at 83-91 Woodhaven Blvd.

Bossio told FOCA that although the recently implemented redistricting of the area takes FOCA’s portion of Ridgewood out of his jurisdiction, Miller still plans on having a presence in the area.

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