Book Offers Theory on Lennon’smurder

Sunnyside Author Also Brings Murder Threats Into Focus

Sunnyside Author Danny Carlson.

The motives of John Lennon’s real killer are exposed to the public in the unauthorized book titled “The Adventures of Dr. Winston O’Boogie and his Amazing Friends.”

This multi-media, 744-page book includes a free companion CD containing hundreds of newly and previously released declassified FBI, CIA and INS files which help take the reader behind the scenes of Lennon’s secret radical lifestyle.

“Dr. Winston O’Boogie” brings to life the untold true story behind a young fan’s quest to meet Lennon, leader of The Beatles. Instead, that fan was unknowingly introduced to a disguised Lennon posing as Winston, a 1970s radical complete with his new band of counter-culture rebels called the Yippies.

The meeting takes place during a failed Beatles reunion concert originally planned to be held during the 1979 May Day “smoke-in” at Washington Square Park in Manhattan.

Discover how the author, Danny Carlson, quickly hits it off with Winston as he’s brought into Lennon’s inner circle and meets his famous friends and ex-partners.

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