Grapplers to Flex Muscle In Queens

The New York Arm Wrestling Association (NYAWA) announced today that the Cheap Shots Sports Bar located at 149-05 Union Turnpike in Flushing will host the 36th Annual NYC Big Apple Grapple International Arm Wrestling Championship at 1 p.m. Apr. 27.

Entry fees are $25 for amateurs, $30 for pros and $10 for women, and entry includes a free sponsor T-shirt. Competition is open to anyone 18 and older, and it is divided into rightand left-handed weight classes for men and women in both amateur and pro categories. There is a $5 admission charge for spectators. The sponsors are Ironmind.com-Captains of Crush Grippers, Cheap Shots Sports Bar and New York Arm Wrestling Association.

First, second and third place finishers receive 4-level custom engraved gold, silver and bronze, medallions, and the day’s overall strongest male and female will be crowned NYC’s King and Queen of Arms. Captains of Crush Grippers and Cash Prizes will be awarded to the right and left hand overall male winners. Teams will also compete, grouped by borough, state, and country, with a point tally to determine the winning team.

It is expected that 100 athletes will participate in this event, including competition from far away as Turkey, Brazil, Russia and Hungary. Among those expected to take part are the defending 2012 Empire State and NYC Big Apple Grapple International Champions.

“The event will draw both ‘hardnosed pros’ and first-time beginners to compete in their respective weight class categories,” said Gene Camp, founder and president of the NYAWA. “We expect a daylong cheering, captive audience and a contest of awesome feats of brute strength, exhausting endurance and explosive raw energy.”

The New York Arm Wrestling Association is also seeking sponsorpartners for this and other events in each of New Yok City’s five boroughs and Long Island. The NYAWA’s next event is the 30th Annual Bronxboro Arm Wrestling Championships to be held at the Bronx Week Food and Arts Festival on Sunday May 19, 2013.

For information, event details, flyers, photos, videos and more, visit the NYAWA website at nycarms.com or call 718-544-4592