Motorist shot in feud over parking spot

Motorist shot in feud over parking spot
By Joe Anuta

A 39-year-old man took road rage a bit too far in downtown Flushing last weekend when he allegedly claimed to be an NYPD officer and shot someone over a parking space, court documents revealed.

The transit hub is known for its clogged thoroughfares and lack of parking, and last Saturday night Ji Feng Tian apparently had been eyeing a spot near the corner of Kissena Boulevard and Barclay Avenue behind the Flushing branch of Queens Public Library, according to a criminal complaint filed with the district attorney’s office.

At about 9:30 p.m., a motorist beat him to it and pulled into the space, according to the DA, but when he got out of the car, Feng approached and claimed the space was actually his.

Feng told the driver to get back behind the wheel and park somewhere else, the complaint stated.

The man complied and motored over to another spot, but Feng apparently was still not appeased.

The suspected hothead approached the driver and shoved him, according to the complaint, prompting the man to return the favor.

Feng then whipped out a semiautomatic handgun and said, “I am the police” before opening fire in the densely populated area, the complaint said.

He only squeezed off one round — although police said Feng had a total of nine in the chamber and magazine when the weapon was recovered — which grazed the victim’s arm before traveling toward a parked 2006 Acura sedan and lodged somewhere in the vehicle.

Police who rushed to the scene observed Feng holstering his Springfield Armory-brand sidearm, according to the complaint, and he was promptly arrested.

Feng possesses a license to possess a handgun in his residence only, the DA said, and in addition to assault, criminal mischief and impersonating a police officer, he was also charged with violating his handgun license.

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