Thank you, Mayor Bloomberg

An open letter to former Mayor Michael Bloomberg:

Thank you for using your position and, at times, money to walk the talk regarding your desire to make our lives better.

You have made your vision a reality in so many areas, including crime, terrorism, health, housing, education, parks, jobs and tourism. Your 12 years have made New York a better place to live than it has been under previous mayors going back 50 years, when I first came to this city.

Through your work with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, New York has become the safest big U.S. city. Our police have been asked by other cities to help train their forces. The smoking ban, which is surely a factor in the lengthening of New Yorkers’ lives by three years, has been copied by other cities in the country and abroad.

Believing that education is an important tool in overcoming poverty, you have opened education doors for many disadvantaged youth by closing some facilities and establishing many charter schools and a number of innovative high schools.

No mayor is perfect, but you deserve a big thanks for all you have done for New Yorkers.

Joan Lane

Forest Hills

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