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WATCH: LIC-based comedian pranks morning shows, pretends to be chef

Video via YouTube/Found Footage Fest

A Long Island City-based comedian appeared on several Midwest television programs to show off his cooking talents as a leftovers expert. The only problem—his chef credentials were not real.

Nick Prueher, of the Found Footage Festival, was faking it the whole time in the name of humor.

In two videos, viewers can see the hilarious clips of Prueher on television.

Using the name Chef Keith Guerke, the comedian made five different appearances on local morning shows, where he demonstrated various dishes made from Thanksgiving leftovers.

Some of his recipes included a mashed potato ice cream cone, and a ham, corn, gravy and green bean blended concoction.

“I am self-taught. I did not go to culinary school. And I am kind of unorthodox,” he said during one appearance.

Along with his funny commentary, Prueher even entertained viewers with a leftovers rap.

He also used the appearances to promote his fake cookbook “Leftovers Right: Make a Winner of Last Night’s Dinner,” and convinced the stations he was having a local Barnes & Noble book signing.

But conveniently, when the signing was mentioned at the end of the segment, he said he might need to cancel the event because the books had not arrived.

The TV pranks were concocted by Prueher and his comedy partner Joe Pickett.

The pair’s Found Footage Festival will start touring across the country, starting March 6.

More news segments are available on DVD and can be purchased here.



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