CB 7 must explain Willets decision

We have been following the Willets Point-Flushing takeover by the city to build hotels, a shopping center and housing projects.

Community Board 7 is going along with the city but not with the community, as in its name. In the last issue, your paper told how CB 7 is checking the ground for oil, gas and grease.

Why? We working families do not want to foot the $60 million budget for more Flushing hotels and big-chain stores. We have liked what was there for about 75 years for low-price car repairs. It is a blessing for car parts for us home mechanics.

Did CB 7 ask if we were for or against it? Nobody surveyed us who we heard about. We bet more people do not want more hotels and big stores, and to say it is for the New York Mets games is unreal when there are maybe only 70 games and the fans go straight home afterward, not to shop or to a hotel or restaurants.

Maybe CB 7 should put the question of this big spending fiasco on the November ballot so it does what we working people want, not create more congestion and big-chain stores and hotels for who know who.

There is no gain for us. CB 7 better ask before spending more tax money around here.

Vinny and Roseann Musso

Bay Terrace

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