Cuomo failed kids

Gov. Andrew Cuomo let down New York’s schoolchildren by abandoning the education tax credit, even after he promised to pass it this session.

The education tax credit provides an incentive to private citizens to make donations to public and independent schools and is widely supported by large majorities in both houses of the legislature, all but the most extreme elements of the Democratic Party.

Alternative schools like charters and parochial schools can succeed where traditional public schools fail, and they deserve our support.

I speak from my experience as a founder and former chair of both SUNY’s Charter School Committee and the Student Sponsor Partners organization, which supports and mentors inner-city high school students in parochial schools.

Prior to the start of this year’s legislative session, Andrew Cuomo made a personal pledge to New York’s independent school leaders, including Cardinal Timothy Dolan, that he would personally fight for the education tax credit this year. As the session closes, Andrew Cuomo has abandoned his pledge and betrayed New York’s children.

Cuomo is apparently so afraid of teachers unions and Democratic Party and Working Families Party radicals that he has turned his back on schools that have proved to be an effective first rung on the ladder of upward social mobility.

Cuomo’s cowardice just made it more difficult for these schools, and the children they serve, to succeed.

Ed Cox

Chairman, New York Republican State Committee


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