Almost Elton John brings icon’s music to boro

By Merle Exit

Craig A. Meyer remembers when rock was young, when he and Suzie had so much fun.

Well, it wasn’t Suzie, but another friend who suggested Meyer take his flair for music and try to channel the ultimate ’70s rocker — Elton John.

“A very dear friend of mine, Melody Knighton, who does (impersonates) Dolly Parton and Lucille Ball was working at the same studio, where she suggested that I do Elton John,” Meyer said. “At first I didn’t want to go that route. Two years later, doing a benefit, I sang two Elton John songs and got positive feedback on how I sang and played the piano like him. With Melody’s assistance on costuming, makeup and public relations, it all got started.”

On Aug. 16, Meyer brings his Almost Elton John show, featuring the Rocket Band, to the Queens Theatre

The tribute show began five years ago. He then added the seven-musician Rocket Band three years later. The tour has taken him all over the United States and around the world.

“By the end of the show people are dancing in the aisles,” said Meyer. “It doesn’t even matter what their age is. We’ve done the concert circle in Florida where people are up with their walkers.”

Meyer, who hails from Atlanta, has visited Queens a number of times as he had stayed with friends living in Astoria each time he comes to New York.

Originally from Los Angeles, Meyer began his career as a young boy first learning to dance, then teaching himself to play the piano. He has had parts in both film and on stage as a working actor for most of his life.

“What’s funny about the film industry is that you can do a full scene, such as one I did in ‘Identity Thief,’ and it winds up on the cutting room floor as four lines,” he said. “When it comes to getting the residuals, though, it’s sweet!”

If you Go

Almost Elton John

When: Saturday, Aug. 16, at pm

Where: Queens Theatre, 14 United Nations Ave. South, Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Cost: $45

Contact: (718) 760-0064

Website: www.queenstheatre.org

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