Bus changes cause problems

This is not an article, it is a complaint.

I live in Rosedale, at 230th Street and 147th Avenue. I used to take the Q113 bus to Inwood, L.I., to go to work, but now I see that it was changed to the Q114.

Where do I go to get this bus to go to work, and where is the bus schedule? I had to wait almost 30 to 45 minutes for the bus because, when I stood at my usual location, the bus just passed by me even though I had my hand out.

The driver did not even have the decency to stop and tell me that the bus no longer stops at my regular stop. I had to walk down to 235th Street and 147th Avenue, where the bus was supposed to stop, but he did not stop there either, so I had to walk to Brookville and wait for the bus.

Does that mean every morning I would have to walk all the way down there to get on the bus and, when I am coming home, I have to get off at Brookville and walk home, too?

I am not happy about this. Please tell me what is going on and where I can get a schedule. I know that I am not the only passenger who had problems in the morning.

Karen Wright


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