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Camera warnings would slow drivers

In his response this week to Bob Friedrich’s Op-ed of the prior week, Peter w. Beadle made an impassioned plea in support of speed cameras near city schools as a deterrent to serious injuries and death. Mr. Beadle quotes myriad statistics supporting his position but misses the point of Friedrich’s article.

If the city’s true objective was to reach “Vision Zero,” it would not place small non-descript cameras in locations where they are hardly noticeable hoping that over time area residents and passing commuters would learn of the camera locations and slow down. It would place large, clearly visible signage a quarter mile before the speed camera location stating the speed limit, that you are entering a school zone monitored by a speed camera and that speeding will result in a $50.00 fine.

Adequate signage of this type would be a true deterrent, reducing speeding in the monitored school zone to virtually zero, achieving the city’s “Vision Zero” goal and saving lives. Of course, it would also reduce the city’s income from speed cameras by millions. What do you think the likelihood is that Mr. Beadle and the city will consider this suggestion?

Paul B. Liles

Fresh Meadows

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