Bayside tattoo artists donate $1,300 to veteran charity

THE COURIER/Photo by Eric Jankiewicz

Life, liberty and tattoos for a cause!

Following the Super Bowl, the owner of Mean Street Tattoo in Bayside raised $1,300 for the Wounded Warrior Project to help war veterans.

Tom Murphy, the owner of the Bayside tattoo shop, enlisted the aid of dozens of friends in the tattoo business to turn helmets into works of art that were then sold during a Super Sunday fundraiser for the charity organization.

“We had a really good turnout,” Murphy said. “It’s great we were able to get everyone together and do this thing for veterans.”

Tattoo artists from England, Canada and across America answered Murphy’s call to use their skills for charity. In total, they sold all 21 helmets and raised $1,300. The artists that Murphy recruited were told to draw or paint whatever they wanted. The helmets fetched as much as $200 each. Many of the helmets depicted military-themed subjects like “Full Metal Jacket” while another artist represented a demon with real deer antlers screwed into the helmet.

The success of the fundraiser inspired Murphy to continue organizing events that bring people and art together. To mark Cinco de Mayo, a party will be held at Mean Street Tattoo. Murphy will try to get as many artists as possible to paint something related to the historical date commemorating Mexico’s victory over France during a battle in Puebla.

“We’re opening our doors to the community,” Murphy said. “Anyone is invited to come.”


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