Growing Bayside sinkhole causes concern for drivers and residents

Sink hole growing
THE COURIER/Photos by Liam La Guerre

Updated 9:00 p.m.

Residents in Bayside have a sinking feeling about the hole that suddenly emerged near the middle of 35th Avenue.

The sinkhole appeared between Corporal Stone Street and 214th Place about two days ago, but on Thursday was only about a foot in length, according to residents that live across from the depression.

Overnight it expanded to about 6 feet in length and nearly 3 feet wide. Someone placed an orange cone in front of the sinkhole, which was only in one lane of the road, to warn drivers, but some feared it could still damage someone’s car.

“It’s been horrible,” said Linda Manginaro, who lives on the block, “because I’m afraid someone’s going to get really hurt, especially at night.”

Residents made calls to 311 to get it fixed.

About a week ago, residents said, city workers sealed a smaller depression in the road, which is just few away from the new sinkhole.

The repaired hole runs near the middle of the street like the larger sinkhole, causing some residents to speculate the problem is connected below the ground level. However, the fix for the smaller depression may not last.

“It’s already sinking in,” Manginaro said. “This one, they did such a terrible job. I feel it’s a waste of tax dollars, they come and then a week later it’s [sinking again].”

The Courier reached out to representatives of the Department of Environmental Protection, which handles sinkholes, and although the media section of the agency did not respond to inquiries, workers were out Friday afternoon hours after the article was published fixing the large sinkhole.

Workers at the scene indicated they weren’t allowed to speak to reporters, and couldn’t say what the cause of the problem was.