Tapas bar with specialty drinks coming to Bell Boulevard

THE COURIER/Photo by Alina Suriel

Sangarita’s, an offshoot of successful tapas bar Sangria on Francis Lewis Boulevard, will be opening on Bayside‘s Bell Boulevard.

The menu will focus on Spanish-style tapas, which is a variety of appetizers or snacks that can be served hot or cold.

According to Joseph Loccisano, who is involved with the team behind both Sangria and Sangarita’s, a lot of the new spot’s ingredients are from imported directly from Spain, including sausages and manchego cheese. These elements will be used in dishes such as a potato croquette with cheese and prosciutto, a mixed seafood paella, and specialty entrees with chicken or salmon that will be seasoned with spices evoking Spanish culinary traditions.

Caribbean Latino food will be also be represented at Sangarita’s. French fries will be given a Dominican twist by being made out of yucca, a starchy tuber widely eaten on the island, and chimi sliders, a take on the Dominican version of a burger, will be on the menu as well with cabbage, tomatoes, ketchup and mayonnaise. Select options will recall Puerto Rican cuisine and that of Cuba, such as Cubanito sliders.

Five different types of sangria and a selection of fruit margaritas will keep patrons happy, but many of these are also available in non-alcoholic versions for those just looking for a sweet fruit beverage. Semi-regular live flamenco performances are planned to add an extra cultural dimension and amplify the sensual, rustic vibe.

Loccisano — who also operates Villaggio’s, an Italian food venture in Whitestone — said that he thinks Sangarita’s will be successful in carving out its own niche on Bell Boulevard.

“We’re a new format here. We’re different than every other restaurant because we don’t specifically make one type of cuisine,” said Loccisano, “and with the live flamenco, we bring the European flair.”

The restaurant is located at 40-02 Bell Blvd., and will likely open in October.


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