Crescent Farm to Table

Photos by Bradley Hawks


Brothers Dan and Shaun Dougherty have accomplished precisely what most restaurant owners might only attempt—reinventing their concept while maintaining, perhaps even surpassing, the level of quality for which they have become lauded.

Nestled just a few blocks from the mouth of the 59th Street Bridge, Crescent Grill is hoping to grow in a few simple yet substantial ways. Perhaps the most significant change is a slight shift in the name. No longer merely a grill, the restaurant is now being known as Crescent Farm to Table, honoring the philosophies on which the menu was developed.

Under the direction of Executive Chef Kenneth Corrow, this farm-to-table restaurant has adopted a menu that features slightly more sophisticated recipes while maintaining familiarity and accessibility. BORO was offered a preview tasting to sample some of the offerings, which will also include an expansion of hours to being open seven days a week.

For everything else, the images can speak for themselves. And don’t forget—Crescent will still pick you up at your home or apartment and return you afterward if you live nearby. That’s a level of hospitality that can’t be beat.

38-40 Crescent St., Long Island City, NY 11101



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