Better safe than sorry

By John Amato

When the Los Angeles School District shut down all of its schools due to what officials there termed a credible threat to the safety and security of thousands of students and staff, why didn’t the New York City Public school system do the same, since it received a similar threat?

According to the mayor and police commissioner, it was deemed a hoax by law enforcement officials, so closing the schools was not necessary. Whether it was deemed a hoax or not, New York City schools should have been shut, even as a precaution.

It was not right of Police Commissioner Bill Bratton to criticize the actions taken by law enforcement in Los Angeles. Another interesting point here is that during their press conference with the media, Chancellor Carmen Fariña was not there to speak. Why? What was the reason for her not being there alongside the mayor and the police commissioner?

She should have been there to speak to the media and publicly reassure parents, students, teachers and other school staff that everything was safe for our public schools to be open.

Prudence should take precedence, as well as common sense prevailing. Should this happen again, what will be the Department of Education’s plan?

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

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