‘Paint your pet’ at Q.E.D. Astoria this weekend

Photos courtesy of Q.E.D. Astoria

Wannabe artists who want to memorialize their pets through paint can do so at a fundraiser hosted by Q.E.D. Astoria on Saturday.

The Paint Your Pet fundraiser, which is raising money for the nonprofit Friends with Four Paws, will provide pet owners with a professional sketch of their furry friends along with paint, brushes and aprons for $60.

Each owner is responsible for sending a photo to The Paint Place, where a professional artist will draw the photograph onto a 11-inch by 14-inch canvass. An artist will meet the pet owners at Q.E.D. Astoria at 1:30 p.m. to hand out the sketches and advice.

The fundraiser also took place on Oct. 3 and was so successful that the group decided to host it again, according to the Friends with Four Paws website. The rescue organization was founded in 1998 to rescue animals at the Chickasha Animal Shelter in Oklahoma from imminent death by providing mobile adoption locations. Pets from the organization now have homes in Oklahoma, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Maine.

To order your pet portrait and secure your place at Q.E.D. Astoria, click here.


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