Daily News rolls back newsstand price to $1 on weekdays

Photos courtesy of New York Daily News

The New York Daily News dropped its newsstand price by a quarter last week. Customers can now pick up their copy of “New York’s Hometown Newspaper” for $1 on weekdays.

Daily News CEO William Holiber said in a statement that the paper looks “for every opportunity to bring our loyal readers the news they need at a lower price point.”

“The diversity of this city is a huge part of what makes our journalism great, and we are committed to ensuring the community has a voice on issues both locally and nationally,” Holiber said.

The change took effect on Monday, Jan. 11. The weekend newsstand prices remain unchanged.

The Daily News was founded in 1919 as the first newspaper in the U.S. to be printed in tabloid format. Currently, it has a daily circulation of more than 516,000. Famously known for its front page headlines, the News covers a wide variety of quality of life issues affecting the city, state and country, including gun control, housing, education, healthcare, jobs, crime, civil rights, immigration and safety.

The Queens Courier, Courier Sun, Ridgewood Times and other publications owned by Schneps Communications are printed off the Daily News presses in Jersey City, NJ.

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