The most important thing you can do for your smile in the New Year

It’s no secret that getting in shape is a popular resolution whenever a new year rolls around. But what most fail to consider when they ponder a healthier lifestyle, better eating habits and new exercise regime is their teeth. After all, what good is an improved physique if you don’t have the smile to match? That’s why a twice-yearly regime of visits to the dentist is crucial. Here’s why…

Early diagnosis—As with any potential medical condition, catching the problem early is key to a complete recovery; so, too, with tooth decay and gum disease. Even what may seem as a minor issue can quickly lead to a serious problem and possibly major concern if not addressed early, far greater than the inconvenience of preventative biannual dental visits.

Proper cleaning—Even the most Spartan daily oral hygiene regimen isn’t always enough, if you’re flossing and brushing incorrectly. That’s where your Dental Hygienist comes in. They are trained in the proper care of teeth and a twice yearly visit will allow them to see where your particular oral regime may be going awry, so they can advise you how to proceed going forward. Also during your visits, the hygienist will remove dental plaque or tartar, which brushing alone won’t completely eliminate.

Vigilance—According to the National Institute of Health, more than 30,000 Americans suffer from oral cancer each year. Oral cancer can be deadly and spreads quickly if not identified early. Biannual check-ups are not merely for teeth cleaning, but also for overall oral health. During regular visits every six months, your dentist will screen for oral cancer, something no amount of proper brushing and flossing will prevent.

Gum disease—Perhaps not as life-threatening, but no less as important to heed is gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss and other serious health problems if not treated. And certain gum issues can actually be reversed if identified and handled in its early stages. Regular dental visits will allow the dentist to diagnose gum ailments early on.

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