Jackson Heights woman hoarded 67 ’emaciated’ cats and dogs with skin disease and infections, DA says

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She kept more than five dozen cats and dogs in her home, and now she’s facing animal cruelty charges.

Elizabeth Grant, 48, hoarded 67 cats and dogs in her home on 82nd Street in Jackson Heights where they lived in filth and suffered from skin diseases, ear and eye infections and other medical problems, according to District Attorney Richard A. Brown.

On Jan. 6, an officer noticed “excessive amounts of feces, fur and the smell of urine throughout the main floor, along with numerous flies amid extreme clutter and trash,” Brown said.

A crime prevention officer was visiting Grant’s mother, who was a crime victim. Though no one came to the door, it was open and the officer noticed the “filthy” living conditions. The officer also noticed the ceiling was peeling and rotting, and that many animals were missing patches of fur and crusted eyes.

He returned to the home on Jan. 28 with members of the ASPCA, who recovered 55 cats, 12 dogs and two turtles. The cats and dogs were suffering from a range of problems including kidney disease, dehydration, dental disease, blood-filled ear flaps and more.

One dog named Dorothy was in such bad condition that veterinary professionals decided she had to be euthanized, Brown said. Dorothy was allegedly vomiting and had diarrhea related to chronic liver and kidney disease.

During their search, police found that a dog named Bond was dehydrated and weak. His fur was matted with feces and urine and his overgrown claws were also matted with feces. He had untreated kidney infection, severe dental disease and several of his teeth had rotted out.

Augustus, a cat, was emaciated and had severe dental disease, an ear mite infection and blood-filled ear flaps.

A dog named Ewok had a swollen eyelid gland, a urethra that protruded from the end of his penis and he experienced discomfort from both eye and ear disease.

Gracie, a cat, suffered from cerebellar hypoplasia, a virus that causes balance problems and scarring from an ear mite infection.

Grant was arraigned on Tuesday and charged with four counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and 63 counts of overdriving, torturing and injuring animals and failure to provide sustenance.

Grant was ordered to return to court on May 10. If convicted, the defendant faces up to two years in prison.

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