Lemonade flavors to try in Queens this weekend include Gingerade, blood orange and vodka pink lemonade

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With temperatures reaching the 90s this weekend, a cold glass of lemonade is the remedy for the inevitable sweltering heat.

While enjoying one (or two) glasses of an ice-cold, Queens-made lemonade, ponder that the first written evidence of lemonade comes from Egypt. In records written by the medieval Jewish community in Cairo from the 10th through 13th centuries, the word qatarmizat – a drink consisting of lemon juice and sugar – was mentioned, according to food writer Clifford Wright.


The drink eventually made its way to the United States and it has since become a popular summertime drink. We’re giving you a roundup of places in the borough that serve the most refreshingly amazing sugary drink.

1. Norma’s, 59-02 Catalpa Ave. (Ridgewood)

This quaint coffee shop and bakery in Ridgewood is a popular spot for breakfast and lunch. What you maybe didn’t know is that it also has a great selection of lemonade. Flavors include strawberry, blood orange, jalapeño, passion fruit, mango and raspberry.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Norma'sCornerShoppe
Photo courtesy of Facebook/Norma’sCornerShoppe


2. Astor Bake Shop, 12-23 Astoria Blvd. (Astoria)

In addition to its large breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, Astor Bake Shop in Astoria has some unique lemon-infused drinks. The Gingerade is a concoction made of lemon, ginger and anise that is sweetened with honey. The bake shop also offers sea salt lemonade for a saltier option. Refreshing iced tea options are also available including fresh mint iced tea and hibiscus iced tea.

Photo via Shutterstock
Photo via Shutterstock

3.  Connolly’s, 155 Cross Bay Pkwy. (The Rockaways)

This Irish pub, complete with outdoor seating, is a staple in Rockaway. This 32-year-old bar serves lemonade with a twist. Dubbed “the Frozen,” the vodka pink lemonade is a popular ice-cold treat. Served with a cherry on top, you can also request the drink with a floater – the bartender will add a little more vodka to the frozen treat. The piña colada version is also popular.

Photo courtesy of Yelp/Jason H.
Photo courtesy of Yelp/Jason H.

4. Martha’s Country Bakery, 41-06 Bell Blvd. (Bayside, Forest Hills, Astoria)

The infamous Martha’s is known for its expansive desert menu with everything from cupcakes, cheesecake, pudding, pies and strudel. It also has a well-rounded beverage menu. If you’re looking for a refreshing drink to go with your dessert, the bakery offers lemonade and lemon iced tea. With locations in Bayside, Forest Hills and Astoria, Queens residents have a number of location options.

Photo via Yelp/Jenny H.
Photo via Yelp/Jenny H.

5. Lemon Ice King of Corona, 52-02 108th St. (Corona)

Though they don’t technically serve lemonade, this family-owned shop makes some of the best Italian ices. With 36 flavors to choose from including lemon, blueberry, sour apple and mint chocolate chip, Lemon Ice King of Corona has something for everyone. The 60-year-old shop is even featured on the television show “The King of Queens.”


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