Ozone Park voters go to the polls to stop Trump

A voter with her ballot at MS 202 in Ozone Park.
Photo by Michael Shain
By Mark Hallum

Residents of Ozone Park were flowing in and out of MS 202 to vote in the general election and while most felt hopeless about the state of the nation and election choices, they upheld the importance of putting in their ballot.

About 900 people had turned out by 10:30 a.m. with the majority expressing the need to keep Republican nominee Donald Trump out of the White House.

Scanner Inspector Michael Molloy said he had not seen so many people at the polls in over five years.

“I feel like the system is broken to a certain extent,” Wilson Ramirez said. “At the same time, I feel that it’s extremely important for us to vote and make sure this one counts. I’m just worried about us making the wrong choice.”

Tatiana Pinillo, a surrogate therapist in the mental health field, is voting to bring better care to her patients and believes the Democratic Party is better equipped to deal with the issues they face.

“I see the need for funding in mental health services,” Pinillo said. “Here in New York City, it’s an underfunded population and the unreserved are being overlooked.”

Pinillo is in favor of U.S. Rep. Charles Schumer (D-NY) returning to office for another term because of the emphasis he has put on providing counseling to 9/11 survivors.

Angelo Suarez said he is uncomfortable with the notion of a Trump presidency because of the lack of self-control the candidate displays.

“[Trump] is out of control,” Suarez said, referring to antics of the Republican nominee since he made the decision to run. “I feel like a president shouldn’t say any of that.”

Mark Hallum

TimesLedger Reporter

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