Homeless man arrested for series of Ridgewood apartment break-ins: DA

Photo via Google Maps

Police have locked up a 34-year-old man whom they say is responsible breaking into at least four homes in Ridgewood dating back to September.

According to criminal complaints provided by the Queens District Attorney’s office, Edwin Rivera, 34, who is homeless, was arrested on Dec. 15 and allegedly admitted to taking part in a burglary pattern in the community.

The complaints stated that on Sept. 28, Rivera broke into a home on Linden Street, where he stole a black and blue suitcase, a Victoria Secret perfume container, three gold watches, eight gold bracelets, six gold necklaces, 15 pairs of gold earrings and 14 gold rings.

Police obtained video surveillance showing River and another apprehended male — Eric Irizarry, who was previously arrested — walking with a black and blue suitcase in front of a Linden Street home.

According to the report, Irizarry allegedly admitted that it was indeed him and Rivera in the surveillance footage, but did not say that he was involved in the crime.

On Nov. 2, it was reported that Rivera broke into another home on Linden Street, in which he stole an Apple iPad Air, an Apple Macbook Air, a PlayStation 4, keys, $500, and a red and yellow Whole Foods bag.

Surveillance footage showed Rivera and Irizarry walking down Linden Street holding the red and yellow Whole Foods bag. Irizarry and Rivera both allegedly admitted to being in the video footage.

On Dec. 2 inside of a Grove Street home, Rivera allegedly broke into an apartment and stole the renter’s passport, social security card, birth certificate and approximately $6,800 in cash.

According to the criminal complaint, an eyewitness allegedly told cops that he saw Rivera knocking on the door of an apartment inside the residence. When he confronted Rivera, he fled the location.

Police finally caught up to Rivera on Dec. 15 as he was observed attempting to flee a Seneca Avenue residence. Trying to avoid the cops, Rivera allegedly pushed a woman and entered her home, quickly leaving through a rear window. Rivera then climbed the fence and ran into a neighbor’s backyard.

Earlier that day, prosecutors said, Rivera was observed attempting to force his way inside a Woodbine Street building.

When police apprehended Rivera, he allegedly admitted to breaking into the residence to smoke weed.

Along with the quantity of marijuana, police found a flashlight, bent credit cards and tweezers — items known to be used with breaking and entering.

In total, Rivera has been charged with three counts of burglary, burglary in the third degree, unlawful possession of marijuana, third-degree grand larceny, fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, and possession of burglar’s tools.

He is due back in court on Dec. 29.

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