Ridgewood students ship away some holiday cheer to soldiers fighting overseas

Photo courtesy of I.S. 93

The students at I.S. 93 in Ridgewood came together with faculty members and some local soccer players to send some holiday cheer to soldiers serving overseas.

On Dec. 13, the students and staff at I.S. 93 were joined by members of the St. Joseph’s College men’s soccer team to donate to the Adopt-a-Soldier Program.

The middle school students and soccer team donated items that the soldiers needed including soaps and body wash, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, feminine hygiene products, clothes, blankets, and snacks like trail mix, mini cereals, instant soups and granola bars.

“Just before the holiday season, it is a good deed to acknowledge those that keep us safe at home,” said Ovid Cusu, the team’s head coach. “The men’s soccer team did just that with great effort in collecting, donating and shipping things to our soldiers.”

Photo courtesy of Ovid Cusu
Photo courtesy of Ovid Cusu

Seventh-graders Leon Velez, Ariana Caba, Blanca Vazquez and Jaylene Tejeda all helped donate to the Adopt-a-Soldier program because they wanted to give back to the soldiers protecting the country who won’t be able to be home with their families during the holidays.

“I donated because I care about the soldiers who are fighting in war,” Tejeda said. “I think Adopt-a-Soldier program is a good idea.”

“I donated these supplies because I want to thank you for what you do for our country,” Caba said about the soldiers. “You protect us and this is my way of saying thank you.”

“I donated to the Adopt-a-Soldier program; I really like giving back to others,” Velez said. “I also want to show the soldiers how thankful I am for them.”

“The reason I donated is because I care about everyone world that protects us and care about us,” Vazquez said about the Adopt-a-Soldier program. “The soldiers, police, firefighters and more people. We each have an important part to do least we can do is help and donate.”

Photo courtesy of I.S. 93.
Photo courtesy of I.S. 93.

The students also wrote letters of support to the soldiers, while Maria Trapasso, ELA teacher at I.S. 93, organized bake sales to help raise money to buy the items that would be sent to the troops.

“I’m thankful to have been able to support those who support and protect our country, and to see so many students and faculty members get involved in this program at I.S. 93,” Trapasso said. “We at I.S. 93 are part of the Adopt-A-Soldier program for years now.”

The items collected will be shipped to soldiers serving in areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq and other locations in the Middle East and across the world.