Expensive Queens neighborhoods, fist fight on E train and 8 other hot stories in Queens

Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Flickr user Complicated

The burgeoning Queens real estate market seems to be on everyone’s minds as several of our top stories this week were related to real estate.

From a study outlining the most expensive neighborhoods in New York City – 12 Queens neighborhoods were on the list – to a report highlighting the skyrocketing number of foreclosures in the borough, many residents are concerned by recent trends.

In other news, a beloved pizzeria in Queens Village got a major makeover and is open for business again. The family-owned Gaby’s Pizza, which opened in 1964 by three brothers, overhauled their shop and after eight days, are open for business. Rappers Ja Rule, Run-D.M.C, LL Cool J and Salt-N-Pepa, and a number of players and coaches from the New York Mets, Jets and Giants have all eaten at Gaby’s Pizza.

A young woman on the E train repeatedly punched a 64-year-old woman over a seat. The altercation was caught on video and police are looking for the suspect.

Here are the top 10 stories in Queens this week:


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